Taking My Kids To The Movies

Today, while I was building the unnecessarily complicated standee for the movie SPARKLE, I overheard the following conversation being had by a young family.

“Did you go to the bathroom?”

“I don’t need to go to the bathroom.”

“Make sure you go to the bathroom now so that we don’t miss part of the movie.”

“I don’t need to go!”

Now, reading the title of this blog, you may be saying to yourself, “Nick, you don’t have any kids.”

You’re right, I don’t.

And “taking my kids to the movies” is not a euphemism like “dropping the kids off at the pool.”

But someday, I may have kids. And those kids WILL NOT leave the movie while it is playing, NO MATTER WHAT.

You see, kids need to show some fucking respect for what’s important in this world. Sure, it’s fine to leave class to go potty, or step out of church to go poopy, or jump out a moving vehicle to go pee pee, but leaving a movie while it is playing is un-fucking-acceptable.

If you really have to go to the bathroom kiddo, shit yourself. Or piss yourself. I really don’t care.

Ian Malcom was half right. Movies supersede his famous quote.

“When you gotta go, you gotta go” but you should have thought about that before the feature presentation!If you do whine, “Daddy I need to go potty real bad” and I miss a line from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 9 or THE SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN or whatever the fuck they call Spider-Man films in the future, you’re grounded. For life. And it WILL be just as bad as the TV show of the same name, I kid you not.

If I have to accompany your tiny bladder to the bathroom, LEAVING that Spider-Man movie I’ve never seen, you can consider your ass left at that theater, kiddo. Good luck finding new parents as generous as me with trips to the movies.

More likely, I’ll just let you go on your own, no matter your age, pedophiles be damned. Mommy can take you, I guess, but if mommy is really willing to leave the movie just like that, she can consider herself divorced.

I guess what I’m getting at, is that the conversation I heard should have gone like this…

“Did you go to the bathroom?””I don’t need to go to the bathroom.”

Why do you think Old Yeller was really shot?

“Make sure you go to the bathroom now so that we don’t miss part of the movie.”

“I don’t need to go!”

“You fucking make sure, little man (or woman), cause if you have to go during the movie I’m killing the dog.”

Harvey Dent’s Watchful Guardian… Yet Two-Face Still Rises

This is not my long awaited geek-tastic anaylsis of Harvey Dent (likely to be titled “Decent Men In An Indecent Time”) that I have promised (that will appear on Breaking Geek anyways…), but rather a continuation of my using Harvey Dent and Two-Face as a metaphor to chart my progress with my addictions, including sleeping and spending money.

After Thursday night’s post, I was ready to go full Two-Face, sleeping until work at 3pm, keeping myself from achieving my full potential, just as Harvey Dent was corrupted by the monster inside: transformed from a symbol of hope into a cop-murdering lunatic (not quite on the same level, but where is a geek without comparing his mundane life to comics and movies?).

Yet, there was a watchful guardian who got my day on the right track. My own white knight (who I assume is less easy to corrupt than Gotham’s).

My best buddy Andrew arrived noonish to pick up applications from an open house I looked at. Planning on giving him the apps and returning to my slumber post haste, I didn’t even put on a shirt, exposing my pale Gollum/Schindler’s List bod.

But my white knight had my best interest in mind, he had just read “Ripe For Inception” and stuck around just long enough for me to wake up completely and not return to bed.

Today, I was similarly lucky. Though I left my phone (aka alarm clock) down stairs in my Captain America jacket pocket, my father awoke me at 12:30, which when compiled with my 4am bedtime, made for the closer-to-8-hours of sleep my body needs (as opposed to the 16 I usually give it).

Regrettably, he woke me so we could go to the Tattered Cover, and we all know what happens when I go to the store (I buy frivolous shit).

I only bought a mother’s day present… plus three books for me… “Avengers: The Origin,”Pawnee, The Greatest Town In America” (behind Aurora), and “How To Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written” by Sterling Archer.

Hence, my Two-Face day. Like a good Harvey Dent, I slept less than 9 hours, worked out, and read my new anxiety book (the reason for the trip to the Tattered Cover)… but the monster inside lead me to buy 3 books (to be fair, two were by my favorite fictional authors, Leslie Knope and Sterling Archer).

In having a mostly Harvey Dent day, I finally completed my 30 Days of healthy behavior (sleep less than 10 hours, exercise, read anxiety book), earning me my shield!

Well, the original agreement was that my parent’s would bribe me to “be an adult” with a plastic Captain America replica of his movie shield, but when the Broncos aquired the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL and TV commercials, I instead decided I wanted a Peyton Manning jersey.

Don’t worry, Two-Face and I already bought the shield a month ago from Mile High Comics.

Me with my jacket (Christmas gift), Shield (month old purchase), and Captain America mask (this week purchase). I may have finally crossed the line between geek and crazy obsessive.

So, off to Sports Authority we went, and my Peyton Manning jersey was secured, in all its orange glory. Only a hundred clams… brought to you by my lovely parents.

It’s tragic that this trip required walking through a Barnes and Noble, where again Two-Face reared his ugly head. While looking for a book on dealing with the loss of a pet (another reccomendation of my psychiatrist, just like the anxiety book), I found B&N’s Avengers table.

Big mistake.

This time I only bought one book (because the other graphic novel on the table was the very same “Avengers: The Origin” I bought at Tattered Cover), Marvel’s “Civil War,” the last great event in the Marvel Universe preceding the current “AvX.”

I almost bought a Captain America bobble-head as well, but Harvey Dent prevailed.

The experience has brought me to the following conclusion; in order to not spend money I need to stay out of stores… and off Amazon… and Ebay… really, any website that sells anything from porn to digital music (Did I mention Two-Face preordered the new Tenacious D album on iTunes this week?)

So, that sums up my last two days, one a total Harvey Dent, and the other more Harvey with a big ole’ pinch of acid face.

While I’ve got you here, I’d love to bitch about the impending Avengers movie. At AMC (where I work), we just got two new songs added to our CD that repeats every ten or so minutes. Both songs are from The Avengers soundtrack, Avengers Assemble.

Too bad both songs are shit. Especially “Live to Rise” by Soundgarden. Terrible theme for what will hopefully be a better movie.

They would have been better off with the theme from the Disney XD show, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

And that’s all I have for tonight. Thanks for listenin’ doc.

Ripe For Inception

I sleep.

That is what I do most in my free time.


You don’t need to get me on a flight from Australia to Los Angeles, you can come right into my room, anytime between midnight and 4pm and just incept the hell out of me. You know,  just incept me for hours, going deeper and deeper (dream levels) while I toss and turn.

I lack the motivation to do anything else. So I sleep.

I set my alarm. I always set it for 8 hours sleep.

So, if I go to bed at 4am, with then intention of waking up at noon (the most consistent sleep schedule  I can manage working at a movie theater), I’ll set my alarm for noon. Noon rolls around, let’s move it to 1pm. 1pm hits, push that sucka back to 2, bitch! 2 comes and goes, then 3, then 4 hits and I have to get up.

Because I work at 5pm.

I don’t even leave myself time to eat, which is partially why I’m my skinniest since high school, when I played water polo and swam on the swim team. Average day, I eat a TV Dinner at work, after working on an empty stomach for 4 to 6 hours.

Not completely empty mind you. I drink just enough Icee and/or Cherry Coke to keep my motor running.

It’s become a real problem. A real addiction, just as severe as my need to spend money, if not more-so.

I have other things I want to do.

There are movies and TV to be watched, piles of comics to be read, drawings to be drawn, skits to be written and shot, podcasts to be podded… the list of my aspirations goes on and on, but when I’m in bed, none of that matters.

All that matters is pushing back the time I need to wake up back another hour.

I’m not even tired half the time. This morning, my body was ready to get up at 9. But I stayed in bed, attempting to force sleep upon myself until 2:40 when my father wrangled me out of bed. He said, “Nick, time to get up” and though I was very drowsy and could not know for sure, I think I let out an inhuman moan, a sound akin to one Gollum would produce, them slowly rose from my bed.

Come to think of it, if I were to start losing my hair (surely, an eventual side effect of constant icee consumption), I’d look quite a bit like Gollum with my pale skin and scrawny arms.

Sleep is my ring. My obesseion that seems to suck the very life out of me, reducing me to an underfed, shadow of a man.

My…. precious….

At this point, I might as well lose most my hair. At least then I could move back to LA and play Gollum on Hollywood Blvd for a living.

Just gotta stop brushing my teeth too, which won’t be a challenge at all. I’ve never liked doing it anyway.

I’ve tried to pull myself out of this “life wasting cycle,” but as much hope and faith as current-Nick has in next-morning-Nick, next-morning-Nick never fails to disappoint.

I read somewhere that we all put more hope and faith into our future selves. How many times have you told yourself you’d quit a bad habit… tomorrow? Or start that diet tomorrow? Or start lifting weights, tomorrow? That’s my life in a nutshell, making myself promises I never fulfill.

I’ve lost track the amount of times I’ve given future-Nick too much credit. As it turns out, he’s just as lazy a prick as current-Nick.

I even tried to put my latest obsession to use in rousing tomorrow-Nick from bed. I’ve tried to make Harvey Dent work for me.

Last night, I made this sign and put it on the ceiling above my bed… a little something to drive me to wake up and make use of my day.

The whole idea is that everyday I have a choice, just like Harvey Dent did. Do I choose to be the White Knight, to wake up at a reasonable hour, not spend money I don’t need to spend, and use my day productively? Or do I become the monster I’m also capable of being, sleeping away my life and blowing my savings on more shit I’ll never use?

I don’t want to say making said sign was a complete waste of time, but I will say I had a Two-Face of a day, today. I may not have spent any money, but I spent all my free time sleeping, Harvey Dent or no.

I even bought the pictured coin set, to help remind me to choose to be Dent, not Two-Face.

Really, it was just one of my bad habits justifying another.

So, it’s now 4:15, and my alarm is set for noon.

Which means, I guess I’ll wake up at 2pm tomorrow, but only because I work at 3.

Being a monster is just so much easier.

I might as well have the opposite of Dent’s coin, both sides charred, blackened by the fire that killed his love and made him a monster. Just as he makes his own luck in the film with his double “heads” coin, I know exactly what side of the coin tomorrow will be.

Dent may make his own luck, but I ensure my own self destruction.

And future-Nick doesn’t give a fuck.

The TITANIC / JAWS Conspiracy

AMC Theaters handed out these “limited edition” Titanic lithographs tonight for ther special advance screening of James Cameron’s Titanic 3D.

(When I say limited edition, I mean that we still haven’t given all the collectible posters for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and John Carter.)

About 20 people attended the highly anticipated release of Titanic in 3D. The lithographs they received look like this…

ImageWhich seemed all too familiar to me.

So, my useless brain full of movie information did its thing, producing this…

ImageI went ahead and corrected the lithograph for Paramount…


The mouth may be hard to see, but I don't have a smarty pants phone.

You’re welcome Paramount. Expect a call from Universal’s lawyers.


Oh, and since when does every 3D movie get its own set of 3D glasses?

Titanic is of course along for the ride, with the always arrogant Cameron giving away “collectible” golden 3D glasses.

Pretty slick, right?

They were red for Star Wars, orange for Lorax. And there are 4 different designs coming in May one for each real Avenger (Black Widow and Hawkeye don’t count).

 That’s commerce, Bitch!


Let’s see some Amazing Amazing Spider-Man 3D glasses. I’m thinking a full Spider-Man mask with 3D lenses for eyes.

And why doesn’t Nick Fury get one? Like a 3D Eye Patch?

Just Sayin’

(Though I’d be a liar if I said I don’t NEED at least the Captain America pair.)

Coca-Cola Icees and Tears For Harvey Dent

Today I worked a 14 hour shift.

Wait, let me try that again…

Today I worked a 14 hour shift on nothing but Coca-Cola Icee.

It is not the 1st time I have worked over a 12 hour shift at AMC, which is the amount required to qualify for overtime in Colorado (I miss CA’s 8 hours), but it is the first time I have done any sort of shift running the engines on nothing but Coca-Cola Icee.

Was it a healthy thing to do?

Fuck No! But, rest assured, the man with the job that provides him all the free soda he can drink and $2.00 Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Ice Cream sandwiches (a steal thanks to employee pricing, especially considering this is movie theater food) isn’t particularly healthy anyway.

Before you give that last statement too much thought… back to Coke Icees!

Did you know that a Coca-Cola Icee and a Coca-Cola Slurpee are indiscernible to one out of one Nick Dolls?

Obviously, I realize that both are the same fundamentally… Coca-Cola syrup mixed with tiny-winy-incey-wincey ice particles… but who would of thought they tasted identical?

Not me.

Thanks for letting me in on that secret, rest of the world!

I thought there had to be some difference between the Slurpee and Icee brand, some slightly different ratio of Coke to Ice, but it is not so.

The two taste identical.

Which means I sorta’ have access to all the Coca-Cola Slurpee I want!

Check that off the old high school bucket list.


Nick Doll is skinny Steve Rogers in Craptain America!

…I can also check off poorly replicating a Marvel poster too!

Icee gave me the strength I needed, with Xanex providing the courage, to get through a 14 hour work day on which I built not one, but…

Standee #1

wait for it…

wait for it…

Two Standees!

Standee # 2 aka My Everest

Did I mention the Dark Shadows one took 5 hours? And that I was doing it outside on the first CO day to drop below forty degrees in about two weeks.

My fingers and toes were numb after those 5 hours, but goddamn it all if my Icee was not still cold and delicious.

Thanks, Icee!

Speaking of things that have two-faces (unrelated segway!), how’z’about that Harvey Dent?

I know Dent's face is purple in Long Halloween and Dark Victory... but that doesn't really translate to the big screen. Acid won't turn you purple!

First introduced to me either on the 90s Batman Animated Series and/or Batman Forever (with the hilarious miscasting of Tommy Lee Jones as a half purple Two-Face), I initially saw nothing engaging about the character.

Sure, he has two faces, quite uncommon even in a metropolis like Gotham, but what else makes him special?

The fact that he flips a coin, a la Anton Chigurh (who ironically an antagonist to the former Two-Face, Mr. Lee Jones)? The fact that Joel Schumacher imagined his hideout divided in two, just like his face?

On the surface, Two-Face is just another generic Batman baddie with a supervillain gimmick (in this case, two faces), but Harvey Dent is perhaps the most tragic character in comic book lore, even more tragic than even the Dark Knight.

Acid 2 da' face!

The Dark Knight may as well have been titled The Tragedy of Harvey Dent, as it was nearly his movie more than Bruce Wayne’s: The rise of a young District Attorney, his secret pact made with two Gotham’s two bravest men, and the unstoppable force that corrupted Gotham’s “White Night.”

I didn’t fully appreciate the tragedy of Harvey Dent four years ago when I saw The Dark Knight, second weekend, sold out on Colorado’s only true IMAX screen (which is now also the less impressive Digital IMAX Experience).

Upon reading Batman: The Long Halloween, Dent’s importance as a literary character became quite clear.

Dent is Bruce Wayne without the money… and the restraint.

Hands down, my favorite scene in The Dark Knight is the final meeting of Gotham’s triumvirate of would be heroes; Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and D.A. Harvey Dent. Sure, Heath Ledger had a powerful performance as the Joker, but his lack of a real origin story made him a terrifying force, but not at all sympathetic like Aaron Eckhart’s Dent.

I  still intend to write an in depth piece over at Breaking Geek (it’s not there now) about my fascination and the importance of Mr. Dent, but that post needs time and care, in order to be a thoroughly geeky analysis of comics’ most tragic hero.

Until then…

I believe in Harvey Dent.

Also! For future Nick, my future multitude of descendants,   those who come across my name in a history e-book and proceed to Dondaggle me (Dondaggle is the last know search engine used by mankind to search “the internet”, a very primitive  attempt of the sharing of information, viruses, etc), and my nosy friends from 2012… and beyond!…

Here’s the song that made our day (I’m addressing future Nick now)…

Why Do We Fall, Bruce?

Obviously I have not been writing daily; neither on this blog or any other sort of parchment/social media site/autograph book.

(I did end up writing my favorite movies 0f 2011 piece, however it is only a one blog run that resides on Forces of Geek.)

The whole (non) situation brings me to one of my favorite movie quotes, and possibly the theme of this year’s biggest film.

In Batman Begins, Dr. Thomas Wayne says to his young son, “Why do we fall, Bruce?” Again, this line is repeated later in the film to former Bruce Wayner/current Batman by Alfred, “Why do we fall, sir?” 

The answer?

“So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

I may have fallen off the blogging horse too many times to count, but I intend to pick myself up just as many times.

As I sit here watching Joe Chill shoot Bruce’s parents (yes, the title of this here blog made me pop in the ole’ Batman Begins bluray while I write), I attempt to pick myself up, while also wondering why the thief who shot Batman’s parents has the name fitting for a cigarette mascot.

The whole situation has also sparked a part of my Batman brain, firing off synapses that have never before been accessed.

Not to go off on a geek tangent or anything (though I totally am), but watching Batman Begins after seeing the two trailers The Dark Knight Rises and reading Batman Year One, The Long Halloween, and Dark Victory, puts the film in a very different light.

First, I may be late on this train of realization, but how perfectly does that minor theme from Begins tie into Dark Knight Rises?

“Why do we fall, Bruce?”

So the Dark Knight can rise again? Save Gotham, possibly sacrificing his life literally, while absolutely sacrificing the life of Bruce Wayne?

Totes magotes.

I do now have two websites going, this one (www.simplypassingthroughhistory.com) and www.breakinggeek.com.

I shall use this blog for more personal postings, a sort of online permanent journal that will be viewed by alien lifeforms thousands of years into the future, long after Warner Bros.’ twenty-fifth reboot of the Batman franchise has driven humankind to extinction.

Meanwhile, at Breaking Geek I’ll dive into geekier subjects, like the continuation of my new analysis of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight based on my new knowledge of the Dark Knight lore and the information present in The Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Sure, the subject of the two blogs will overlap; it’s hard to talk about my life and not also bring geek into it, and vice versa. I won’t be blogging daily, but whenever I have something to say, I will say it, and post it here or there.

So, consider me picked up… until I fall again. At which point I hope to learn to pick myself up yet again. (It’s a vicious cycle.)

Head over to Breaking Geek for my further analysis of Batman Begins and how it ties into what we know about Dark Knight Rises and how director Christopher Nolan’s Batman shares most in common with the Batman from Year One and Long Halloween.

(Editor’s Note : I spent 3 hours writing a geektastic, monster of an analysis… then I accidently closed the window. And it hadn’t autosaved for two hours, so I lost a shit ton of writing and some good ideas I may not be able to recall. Blerg! I will rewrite the post, but not tonight as I’ve already stayed up past my beddie-by time, which makes this all the more frustrating.)

Stay tuned to Simply Passing Through History for future insights into my psyche… or whatever.

The Best 10 Movies Of 2011… Are Coming… Soon!

I've punched Hitler hundreds of times.

I’ve drafted my list of what I believe are my ten favorite movies of 2011… but I again don’t have the stamina to write a post as involved as that one tonight.

I am going to shake it up this year, I’ve decided; instead of revealing my top 10 in a single blog post, I’ll spend the next 10 days revealing one movie at a time. That way, I can get as obsessive over each movie as I want without space restrictions, giving each delightful film its full due.

Annnnnd, I can string you fine folks along for 10 whole days using a single subject.

Boo – Ya!

I will note from the upstart, that this will be my most “mainstream” top 10 film list, well, ever. In my retreat back to Colorado, I have also retreated from most classy “Oscar” fodder features, instead spending my time seeing and re-seeing the popcorn movies that simply make things go “Boom.”

So, not to give anything away, but you’ll likely be seeing more CAPTAIN AMERICA, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, type titles, less prestigious YOUNG ADULT, DESCENDANTS,  J. EDGAR, and HUGO type fair. Cause I never saw those classy pics (except DRIVE…)

In 2011, I preferred watching someone kickass for two hours instead of following more mundane plots with more realistic problems. It’s like my highschool years are back… with a vengeance!

So, let me rewatch a few movies (screening GREEN HORNET right now for review) and then I’ll get on that 10 day spanning TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2011 list.

Let your anticipation grow to unhealthy levels verging on obsession.

M*A*S*H* Theme Lyrics

No one delivers sarcasm quite like Mr. Alda

Remember the M*A*S*H theme song?

You know, that peppy little number that brought in the choppers so that good ole’ Alan Alda and friends could repair the wounded in Korea?

Well, did you know that song has lyrics? I believe they go a little something like this (okay, exactly like this)…

Through early morning fog I see
visions of the things to be
the pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see…


That suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please.

I try to find a way to make
all our little joys relate
without that ever-present hate
but now I know that it’s too late, and…


The game of life is hard to play
I’m gonna lose it anyway
The losing card I’ll someday lay
so this is all I have to say.


The only way to win is cheat
And lay it down before I’m beat
and to another give my seat
for that’s the only painless feat.


The sword of time will pierce our skins
It doesn’t hurt when it begins
But as it works its way on in
The pain grows stronger…watch it grin, but…


A brave man once requested me
to answer questions that are key
‘is it to be or not to be’
and I replied ‘oh why ask me?’

‘Cause suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please.
…and you can do the same thing if you choose.

Grim shit, right? Not quite as peppy as the song these lyrics accompany, are they?

The song was written for the film version of MASH (starring Keifer’s poppy Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye instead of Mr. Alda) by the director’s 14 year-old-son.

That’s correct, the M*A*S*H theme, which is about suicide, containing the lyrics, “The game of life is hard to play, I’m gonna lose it anyway,” was written by 14-year-old Mike Altman, son of famed director Robert Altman (MASH, THE PLAYER, NASHVILLE).

How depressing and lovely.

So, just remember next time you catch the opening credits of M*A*S*H*, that “Suicide Is Painless.”

A startling revelation for some, a comforting reminder to others who love how bittersweet M*A*S*H* could be.

(And if you already knew that the MASH song has Lyrics, I apologize. I had a longer blog entry on Comic Books started, but lacked the stamina to finish it… today…)

FAILURE! Horrid, Horrid Failure

I’ve failed!

And on the fourth day, Nick forgot to blog.

I was staying at a friend’s house, knew I’d have find a moment to slip away and write it at somepoint, but honestly, I forgot about the blog about halfway through an argument about which actors could kick Matt Damon’s ass.

What action stars CAN'T kick his ass? Besides Shia, I mean.

Steve and Andrew maintain Damon is a badass, based on the BOURNE films. In fact, I believe they called him one of the most real life threatening actors in HWood. This seemed far fetched to me so I produced a list of actors that could destroy Damon in real life, including Tom Hardy, Jeremy Renner, Daniel Craig, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, and Jason Statham etc, at which point it became which actors could not just presently beat Damon, but which actors could do it in their prime. I quickly added Bruce Willis, Stallone, JCVD,  and Ar-nuld. Steve and Andrew didn’t agree about Arnold because Damon would be too quick and little, but I reminded them he actually has no fighting training, just BOURNE choreography, whereas Ar-nuld is fucking jacked!

But that’s not what this particular post is about. Nor is it about failure, even though I already failed my only New Year’s resolution.

I’ve decided to quickly touch on FRIGHT NIGHT, the most underseen movie of 2011 (behind DRIVE).

FRIGHT NIGHT is just a damn classy and stylish horror-comedy movie (Steve and Andrew don’t agree that it fits in the comedy territory) that no one saw.

From the ghostly opening credits to Hugo’s excellent cover of “99 Problems,” the film is an enjoyable watch from start to finish. Colin Farrell really killed it this summer between HORRIBLE BOSSES and playing the vampire Jerry (who is far more frightening than PARKS & REC’s Jerry). David Tenant also steals a few scenes as as the star of the Vegas show FRIGHT NIGHT, Peter Vincent.

Just… go watch it. Don’t let TWILIGHT sour you on Vampire flicks, cause this one is a fun modern take which turns some of the vampire rules on their head. And the vampires don’t sparkle, they explode into ash like the way  it’s supposed to be!

I’m sure I’ll have more on my love for FRIGHT NIGHT in my inevitable “Top 10 Movies Of 2011 Post” (can’t write that one til I see TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY), so until then I leave you with these 99 Problems.

And yes, even though I’ve already failed at my dream of blogging everyday in 2012, I shall continue to blog daily none-the-less.

My Favorite Side Effect From Working At A Movie Theater

My Place Of WorkI work at a movie theater. I bet there are some of you who think this job sounds like it could be fun, just as I’m sure there are more realistically quite a few more who would consider it a menial and degrading job meant for high-schoolers (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Both statements above are true; sometimes you love the magic of movies that surround you while at other times you tire of telling people you can’t find their lost wallet, cellphones, and gold-rim glasses.

There are certainly some benefits to the job, including free movies on days off and unlimited free soda while on the clock.

There are also strange side-effects, like the fact that when you work at a movie theater you smell like popcorn… always. There are side effects of the positive and negative variety, such as the earlier example, which is a little of both.

There is one side effect I enjoy more than any of the others…

Hearing music I love while at work without the aid of an iPod (I can’t believe I originally typed eyepod [no joke]) or other illegal-at-work device!

I’m a movie score junkie. That means I get the same thrill you got when you first heard The Beatles, or P. Diddy, or Justin Beiber, or Third Eye Blind, or 3OH3! or BNL, or whatever when I hear a movie score from films likes SHERLOCK HOLMES, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, or anything from the great one: John Williams.

This means for me, it’s like having three of your favorite artists all release CDs within the span of a month which your place of employment plays snippets throughout the day.  Because this Christmas saw the release of SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, and two films from Steven Spielberg (a director who has worked exclusively with the composer since before even JAWS), I’m as happy as a clam.

Hopefully happier.

Holmes and Moriarty Discus Their Favorite Board Game

Just because the great one didn’t compose the music for either GAME OF SHADOWS or GHOST PROTOCOL, doesn’t mean these two excellent scores don’t come composers of an excellent pedigree.

Lets start with that GAME OF SHADOWS, the music for which was composed by Hans Zimmer. If you go to the movies in the summer, you’ve surely heard his excellent scores for the original SHERLOCK HOLMES, BATMAN BEGINS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THE DARK KNIGHT, INCEPTION, and M:I:II (That’s MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 for all you normal folk who aren’t fluent in geek), among many others.s don’t also come from composers of a high pedigree.

Then, there’s MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE -GHOST PROTOCOL with hot licks (good music) from Michael Giacchino who wrote the music for 2009’s STAR TREK, UP, SUPER 8, LOST, M:I:III (again, that’s MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III), and THE INCREDIBLES. If this latest score ain’t a thing of beauty that matches the insane non-stop sprint that is GHOST PROTOCOL’s pace, then I ain’t sitting in my bed, fully clothed and exhausted, writing a blog after work at 3:00 am I morning (and I believe I is doing exactly that, I is!)

This Mission Is Even Impossibler than last time, guys!

Finally, back to Williams who wrote scores for Steven Spielberg’s ADVENTURES OF TINTIN and WAR HORSE, one with a very INDIANA JONES style and the other more akin to SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. You may also know him from his work on JAWS, STAR WARS, JURASSIC PARK, and ET.

Yes, it’s a good time to be working at a movie theater with the sweet sounds of Zimmer, Giacchino, and The Great One drifting out of theaters as I pass. Or bombarding me while I “supervise” a group of high-schoolers clean up popcorn and half-empty soda bottles.

The only theater side effect that compares is hearing an interesting movie trailer while passing an open door and stepping in for a look at THE AVENGERS, DARK KNIGHT RISES, or PROMETHEUS on a giant screen with ear-shattering volume.

Speaking of which, that means there’s new music from Hans Zimmer and Alan Silvestri (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, FORREST GUMP, BACK TO THE FUTURE and that terribly… awesome SUPER MARIO BROS. film from the 90s) on the way this summer! Huzzah!